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Who’s Watching Your Network?

Proactive monitoring, patching, and maintenance of your computing devices, systems and software applications enhance security and ensure your network runs like a finely tuned machine.

Partner with us and get peace of mind with improved security, increased uptime, and heightened productivity. We proactively monitor your environment 24/7 to detect the potential for service or business degradation or interruption, then take action to ensure your business continuity and productivity.


  • Reduce downtime and business interruptions
  • Improve network security, efficiency and operability
  • Consistently receive timely software updates and patches
  • Receive peace of mind with 24/7 network monitoring
  • System optimization and performance tuning occurs outside of working hours to maximize staff productivity

An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure

This Ben Franklin axiom is as true today as when Franklin originally made the quote. After all, it’s always more cost effective to employ proactive, preventative maintenance than to respond with reactive repair. And you can certainly benefit from this bit of Ben Franklin’s wisdom in terms of your business technology.

A salient example of an ounce of prevention is our proactive Network Monitoring Services, which allow our clients to experience heightened business productivity and efficiency. Our services ensure their technology works for them at peak performance to securely support their daily operating needs.

Wouldn’t you take every measure to ensure your business runs at peak performance with high network availability, especially if it could be done cost-effectively and in a way that doesn’t impact daily operations?


Network Monitoring Watches for
Problems 24/7.”

– CIO.com

How It Works

We deploy uniquely configured software monitoring agents to your internal network that monitor, patch, and update user computing devices, and host data systems, software applications, and critical infrastructure elements such as servers, routers, switches, firewalls, and more.

These agents continuously monitor for, and alert and escalate, any events that could potentially cause a business interruption or degradation of technology performance, or a security vulnerability or service outage, and allow us to rapidly respond to safeguard business continuity.

We also leverage our Remote Network Monitoring platform to conduct scheduled optimization and updating of devices, systems, and software applications to increase their operability and enhance their security posture outside of business hours, to maximize business productivity.


Pain Points Solved

  • Enhance Security
    Enhance overall system and network security with scheduled patches and updates.
  • Reduce Downtime
    Continual network monitoring provides early warning of problems that can lead to business interruption.
  • Increase System Performance
    Regular operating system and software application updates and system optimization result in peak performance.
  • Identify Network Performance Issues The root cause of network or system latency, internet speed and resolution issues, and shared resource availability problems can be easily identified and remedied with the use of our Network Monitoring services.

As data breaches continue to occur through a myriad of exploits (both technological and through human error) the stakes are constantly rising. We’ve reached a level where careers are built — and lost — based on protecting corporate assets.

– TechRepublic

Implementation Timeline

To deliver our Network Monitoring Services, we provision your environment and deploy our monitoring agents to each network-connected device in your infrastructure for round-the-clock monitoring, updating, optimizing, and security patching of your devices, systems, applications, and services.

Once this is complete and we’ve set you up in our remote monitoring and alerting systems, we review and analyze your network’s monitoring data to identify and address areas of concern that may impact security or business continuity.

We provide ongoing monthly reporting that documents all of the vulnerabilities and alerts we’ve detected and remediated in your environment. In addition, we deliver ongoing strategic guidance to help you make timely technology decisions to continually enhance security and sustain high availability and business continuity.

  • Provision your environments, configure our Monitoring Platform and deploy our Monitoring Agents

    1. Depending on the size of your organization, this could vary from several days to several weeks or months.

  • Conduct ongoing data analysis and remediation, patching, and updating of monitored systems

    2. This ongoing process begins in earnest about a week after provisioning to allow us to collect enough monitoring data to begin analysis.

  • Regular reporting and guidance

    3. Network Monitoring Performance Reports will be sent to you monthly, and analysis meetings will be scheduled as needed in order to meet your ongoing business performance requirements.


White Paper

Our “Benefits of Network Monitoring Services” white paper explores the many advantages of monitoring your business-critical data and voice networks.

  • What Network Monitoring is and why it’s important
  • The devices, platforms, and services that can be monitored
  • The automated tasks that Network Monitoring agents can perform
  • How Network Monitoring can help small and medium businesses increase security and productivity

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