24×7 Managed IDS
& SOC Services

Don’t Let Threats And Risks Impede Your Business

A managed IDS and 24×7 security operations center (SOC) is a smart choice for any business from SMBs to enterprises. With our experts monitoring your operations, you’ll have the peace of mind to know that your infrastructure is protected. Our goal is to drive real value for our clients when they choose to outsource IT managed services, and security is a significant aspect of your IT strategy.

Instead of letting it bog you down and keep you from growing and scaling operations, turn to us for world-class managed threat detection. We’ll be able to detect, visualize, and act on threats before they become a problem.

What do you get with managed IDS & SOC services?

  • Enjoy Robust Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) with powerful search and alert tools
  • Meet compliance needs, controls, and security best practices
  • Realize simplification of SIEM transfer and storage capacity rates, based on how long you want to keep the data
  • Use flexible IDS sensor options for physical and virtual devices
  • See all threats and alerts as well as intelligence community data on visual dashboards
  • Reporting features for PCI DSS v3.2.1, HIPAA, networking, Windows logs, and Office 365

Why choose 24×7 managed
IDS & SOC services?

You can choose to purchase threat management as a single service or bundled with our managed services. With these powerful threat detection tools, you’ll be proactively managing risk. Powered by advanced technology, you’ll have a clear view of your IT ecosystem.

“168 cyber-attack events were reported in July 2019, setting a new record.”


How do 24×7 managed IDS & SOC services work?

Managed server and network devices send logs and other audit data to the 24×7 SOC for archiving, activity analysis, and event correlation. Other information is also captured from cloud applications. Network sensors also scan traffic for suspicious activity. Alerts that seem suspicious are immediately sent to the SOC for investigation and triage.

Pain Points Solved

  • Threat intelligence you can rely on
    With specialized sensors and monitoring, you’ll know about threats in real-time
  • Create reports with ease
    No longer will you have to aggregate data or struggle with analysis
  • Reviews by certified security analyst
    Remove the burden of threat identification from your internal team
  • Fully managed or co-managed incident response
    Flexible options to fit your business model

Questions about 24×7 managed IDS & SOC services?

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