5 Ways your office relocation can go wrong

5 Ways your office relocation can go wrong

An office relocation is a big undertaking. It can be an opportunity to switch up the look of your workspace, increase productivity, and reduce overhead costs. But it also has way more potential for disaster than you might have anticipated. Here are five ways an office relocation can go wrong and what you can do to avoid them.

Poor planning

Without a concrete plan in place, things can quickly spiral out of control. Failing to account for all the details of the move — such as how much time it will take and what needs to be done to prepare the new space — can lead to missed deadlines, budget overruns, and a lot of stress for everyone involved.

Creating a plan helps you identify potential pitfalls so that they can be avoided or mitigated, ensuring a smooth and successful relocation. Make sure you have a detailed timeline and checklist outlining every step of the process from start to finish.

Setting unrealistic budgets

If you don't do your homework, estimating costs can be difficult. It's easy to fall prey to the allure of shiny new office furniture and fail to consider other expenses like installation time or delivery fees. The result? You end up overpaying for services that aren't necessary or spending more than expected on essentials like moving vans and packing supplies.

When creating your budget, be realistic about what you can afford and allow for some wiggle room in case of unexpected expenses. It’s prudent to set aside 5–10% of your total budget for contingency. And don't forget to factor in the cost of lost productivity if any work needs to be done during the move.

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Leaving your IT team/provider out of the loop

Most office moves involve some level of IT work, from packing up and moving servers to configuring new networks and devices in the new space. If you don't involve your IT team or provider in the planning process, things can quickly go wrong.

For example, if your IT staff isn't aware of changes to the network topology, they may end up setting up devices incorrectly, leading to downtime and frustration for employees. Or, if servers aren't packed and moved properly, they could be damaged during the move and require expensive repairs.

Including your IT team or provider in the planning process helps avoid these types of problems and ensures a smooth transition to your new office space.

Failing to assess the need for upgrades

Just because your old office is no longer suitable doesn't mean your new one needs to be decked out with the latest and greatest equipment and technology. Before making any decisions about upgrades, take the time to assess your needs.

For example, if most of your employees work from home or only visit the office occasionally, you may not need to invest in a dedicated workstation for each person. Or, if you need to save money on your move, think twice before spending large sums of money upgrading the office space's technology infrastructure.

Upgrading your office's technology can be a big investment, so make sure you're getting the most bang for your buck. Consider what improvements are necessary and affordable before making any decisions.

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Forgetting to notify stakeholders

One of the most common mistakes made during an office relocation is forgetting to notify stakeholders. This includes everyone from upper management to key suppliers and clients.

Failing to communicate changes in advance can cause all sorts of problems. For instance, forgetting to update vendors about your new contact and shipping information can lead to lost deliveries, undelivered mail, and incorrect invoices. Notifying stakeholders ensures that they're aware of the move, minimizing any potential confusion or inconvenience during a time when you want things running as smoothly as possible.

Putting together an effective communication plan is essential for ensuring everyone's on the same page throughout your office relocation process.

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