6 Ways a dependable IT partner can help improve your cash flow

6 Ways a dependable IT partner can help improve your cash flow

Improving cash flow has never been more important for businesses, especially in times of high economic uncertainty like today. But scaling back on technology is not the answer. In fact, it’s even more important to invest in the right technology systems now, since doing so can help organizations better adapt to unprecedented disruption. It’s not about spending less as much as making sure you can keep the cash flow running smoothly through any eventuality.

Here are some proven ways you can leverage a dependable IT partner to do that:

1. Reliability and uptime

In these uncertain times, consumers want to do business with organizations that are available at their time of need. People are rapidly growing weary of customer support backlogs and services that start buckling during periods of increased demand. More than ever, businesses need to work with technology partners who can deliver excellent service reliability and uptime and, in doing so, keep their cash flow intact.

2. Proactive maintenance

Technology has long followed the break/fix support model, which entails calling in technicians to handle IT issues reactively. Given the unpredictable nature of such events, the invoices can keep piling up, while regular cash flow ends up being disrupted by extended outages. On the other hand, a reliable IT partner who follows a stringent service level agreement (SLA) will proactively maintain your IT systems without any surprise expenses.

3. Business efficiency

Few things get in the way of employee productivity more than unexpected service outages or issues that encourage risky and inefficient workarounds. When your team has to spend time working around trivial technical issues, their productivity suffers to the detriment of your customers. Outsourcing your technology strategy, operations, and maintenance can help alleviate the burden on your in-house team and help them focus on tasks that add value to your business, such as providing excellent customer service.

4. Remote work

Remote work was already well established in many organizations long before the ongoing pandemic forced many businesses to send their employees home. Outsourcing your IT can help ease your in-house team’s burden by delivering managed, software-based solutions accessible through the cloud. This will help employees work more effectively from home while also dramatically reducing, or even eliminating, the costs of running a traditional office.

5. Information security

Given the increasing complexity and diversity of today’s business technology infrastructures, it’s getting harder to address security and compliance measures at scale. Smaller businesses simply don’t have the resources to take care of these matters in-house. At the same time, all organizations need enterprise-grade security and complete visibility into their data.

There are few disruptions to cash flow greater than those associated with a cybersecurity incident. If you don’t have the necessary controls in place to guard against such incidents, the business risk can be enormous. Partnering with a dependable IT provider can greatly reduce that risk, while allowing you to innovate safely.

6. Scalability and adaptability

In today’s technology-driven market, businesses must take every possible step to guard against the known and unknown threats to their cash flow. This includes employees having to take extended sick leave, sudden increases in customer demand, and regulatory changes, to name a few examples. As the ongoing pandemic has shown, it has never been more important to implement scalable and adaptable business processes that can be repeated without disruption across a wide range of possible scenarios. Partnering with an IT vendor helps you overcome these problems with a flexible, software-based architecture in which you pay only for the services and capacity you actually use.

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