Common problems solved by managed IT services

Common problems solved by managed IT services

Practically all Charlotte and Washington DC small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are now using popular tools of the digital age, such as social media or cloud-based storage and data management to run their business. But many SMBs fear that fully embracing the internet and its benefits will lead to other difficulties.

What they don’t know is that these difficulties can be easily avoided by partnering with a reputable managed IT provider. A managed IT provider offers cost-effective, scalable solutions that will nip foreseen technology-related problems in the bud. Best of all, they’re the experts in their field, so you can be assured that your business gets the top-of-the-line IT it needs.

Faced with any of the following problems? Working with a managed IT provider is the boost you need.

Cyberattack worries

At the top of the list of problems managed IT providers solve is the threat of cyberattacks. Most SMBs aren’t fully equipped to deal with round-the-clock cyberthreats and sophisticated attack methods. And many cybercriminals will choose to attack several smaller companies over one corporation for the exact reason stated above.

Most, if not all, managed IT companies provide security services, although many “specialist” IT providers only offer industry-specific protection services. So you should first identify your business’ IT security needs to know whether you should partner with a broad-based security solution provider or with one that tends to specific needs.

Constant downtime

Downtime is the bane of any modern business’s existence. It can prevent productivity to an extent that it can inadvertently aid the competition. And there’s no telling when or how downtime will hit. Sometimes, it’s caused by your internet provider. Other days, your cloud-based software or solutions are to blame.

The key to managing downtime is always having the skill sets and tools needed to troubleshoot and respond as quickly as possible. But it can be challenging for companies that have limited resources to have a large team of diversely skilled IT specialists always at the ready for the unexpected. By partnering with a managed IT provider, you’ll benefit from their substantial expertise without needing to spend directly on salaries and equipment.

Poor collaboration

Many SMBs understandably gravitate toward collaboration and productivity solutions that are affordable and familiar, but this often results in piecemeal acquisitions of software from different vendors and manufacturers. Such a setup may seem cost-effective at first, but because a disparate system tends to have integration and syncing issues, it almost always results in more costs and unforeseen difficulties down the road.

A managed IT provider can help you unify a system built on a foundation of disparate software. For instance, your IT provider can assess your system and provide you with recommendations to improve your collaboration profile.

Inefficient data management

The right data management tools are crucial in business because they facilitate data access while helping control information flow. Having one without the other will hurt your business. So the best data management tools should make it as easy as possible for your workers to collaborate and stay productive, yet also provide enough visibility and control so that managers and IT personnel can restrict access and monitor any changes to data.

Your IT provider is the perfect resource to ask for data management advice. They can provide good insight into which apps will suit your current needs and infrastructure best. They can also inform you on how you can update or upgrade your data management system to fit budget constraints.

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