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Keep things focused

In order for your organization to succeed, you need every member of your team on-task and focused. There’s no time for distractions and downtime.

Our content filtering services keep malicious threats from sneaking into your systems. They also give you the power to monitor and control access to content that you deem fit for your work environment.

With a robust content filtering service on your side, you can gain more robust control over your business network activity.

What do you get with content filtering services?

  • Monitor and record browser history, website searches, and IP queries
  • Block traffic and content by keyword, category, URL, and more – all through an easy-to-use management panel
  • Optimize and lock-in bandwidth usage on a user basis to ensure efficient network data flows
  • Deploy cloud-based content filtering clients to your devices with ease, allowing you to get going quickly

Why content filtering services?

There’s a whole lot of bad news out there. Content filtering services give you an additional screen to catch and defend against malicious threats. When you strategically use content filtering within your network, you’re keeping your network more secure while keeping your staff more productive.

  • Improve security

    Content filtering services give you an additional two-pronged IT security approach – you stop staff from visiting malicious sites, and you stop cyber threats from coming into your network.

  • Increase productivity

    With custom content filtering controls, you can stop people from wasting time during work hours. You can also automate content filters to allow types of content during break times, too.

  • Ensure efficiency

    Reducing the amount of wasted bandwidth gives more performance to those performing productive work. Content filtering services help you keep the airwaves clear.

How do content filtering services work?

Content filters act as an additional layer of security between your network and outside networks (like the internet). They’re fully customizable, so you can fully control the content that gets filtered. You can also set these systems to automatically prevent malware from coming through.


Get the control you need

With intelligent content filtering services in your toolbelt, you can expect to see big improvements in your security, productivity, and efficiency.

Introduce a more worry-free network for your organization thanks to active filtering that does much of the heavy lifting for you.

Productivity levels in the workplace can peak when social media is restricted on the corporate network.”

– ZDNet

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