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What’s the State of Your Network?

Consumer file sharing solutions simply don’t cut it in the business world. They aren’t customized to your needs; they won’t secure your data properly; and they will eventually become too costly to maintain.

But when you partner with us, we can provide your team with a unique, enterprise-level file sharing solution that takes care of all your needs — and then some.

What Do You Get with Network Assessment and Audits?

  • In-depth client interviews to assess business needs and operations
  • Vulnerability testing to uncover weaknesses
  • Comprehensive assessments of all equipment
  • Thorough documentation on network findings and recommendations

Why Network Assessments and Audits?

With an accurate reading of your network, you can move your business forward.

  • It’ll Uncover Weaknesses

    What’s putting your business at risk? Let’s work together to identify vulnerabilities and holes within your network.

  • It’ll Provide You with Next Steps

    Now that you know what’s going on, what should you do next? We’ll plan and prioritize those steps for you.

  • It’s Help You Remain Efficient

    Just because it works now doesn’t mean it’ll work later. But with recurring assessments, we’ll make sure that it does.

How Do Network Assessments and
Audits Work?

Everything starts with an initial interview. We need to know what’s going on, what you expect out of this partnership, and what your operational hurdles are. Once we know this information, we’ll conduct a thorough assessment and audit of your network infrastructure.

Our ultimate goal?

To uncover and eliminate network inefficiencies, vulnerabilities, and unnecessary expenditures.


Let’s Get Started

Are you ready to improve and better secure your business? If so, it’s time to run a full assessment on your network. Together, we can understand what’s going on, so we can take the necessary next steps to grow your organization.

A network assessment is the first step in the process — providing network administrators with the insight into where their networks stand today and allowing them to both allocate appropriate resources to existing applications as well as plan for the installation of new critical ones.

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