Revolutionizing your data system with TaaS

Revolutionizing your data system with TaaS

Maryland and North Carolina businesses are becoming more aware of the opportunities of Technology-as-a-Service (TaaS) infrastructures. This fact became magnified in the wake of the pandemic, as it forced many organizations to adopt work from home arrangements just to stay open. As it turned out, businesses that already migrated to the cloud had an easier time implementing those arrangements and remaining productive despite physical offices staying closed for weeks.

The benefits of TaaS

TaaS used to be a mere buzzword tech companies spouted to appear relevant, but it has since become more than that. Today, TaaS is a trusted tool that businesses of all sizes work toward acquiring.

Some of TaaS’s benefits are as follows:

  • Reduced costs – This is the most common driver of adoption for TaaS. For many organizations, TaaS is an opportunity to improve technology without heavy investment in and long-term commitment to hardware. It’s a great way to raise the bar on existing information infrastructures without needing to add more resources.
  • Effective collaboration – TaaS is a great way to centralize your data repositories and adopt collaborative production processes. A well-planned centralized environment helps eliminate duplication issues and revisions.
  • Better time-to-market – Because TaaS systems are hosted in the cloud, your teams can have round-the-clock access to servers, tools, apps, and programs. Your staff won’t be held back by the limitations of on-premises facilities, so your products and services can be deployed in as timely a manner as possible.
  • Improved scalability – TaaS environments are “virtual” environments, so they’re the perfect ecosystem to develop, test, and measure products before these are sent to market. Therefore, you can easily scale your production depending on projections.

Case study: Netflix

No TaaS success story is more well known than that of Netflix. Back in 2007, Netflix was mainly a DVD mail rental company and had only begun to offer some streaming services. The following year, Netflix experienced a major database corruption that made all of their titles inaccessible, effectively freezing their operations for three days. This adverse event convinced the company’s leaders that their IT framework tended to hurt the company’s entire operations — even if the issue didn’t actually involve all of their services. And so Netflix initiated a shift to a purely cloud-driven model.

Their shift to a cloud-driven hosting infrastructure allowed Netflix to bring content to their subscribers in as efficient a manner as possible. It streamlined their rental processing through cloud-based automation, helped them lower costs associated with systems losses and errors, and allowed them to put a foot into the realm of full digitization, which is how they operate today. The migration was pivotal to their eventual dominance of the streaming market and would also serve as the model other streaming services would pattern theirs after.

Moving to the cloud

All above points considered, making the shift isn’t necessarily as simple as installing your software stack in the cloud and continuing on as usual. Netflix, for instance, took eight years to complete their transition to a TaaS environment. Thankfully, modern solutions won’t take that long anymore. With proper guidance and the correct strategy, you can transition to the cloud with as little disruption and as short a schedule as possible.

With outsourceIT, the transition begins with a thorough assessment of your company’s needs. The first thing we’ll identify is what exactly your organization needs from technology. This is so we can provide realistic outlooks and the best recommendations for your success. Then we will perform a network review to establish where your infrastructure currently stands.

WIth this information, we will then produce an implementation plan. This is to minimize disruptions, eliminate downtimes, and reduce deployment hurdles and costs. This way, your organization can hit the ground running once migration and deployment is complete.

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