Spam Filtering

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Stop spam in its tracks

Spam is a frustration that no organization ever wants to deal with. It can range from annoying advertising to full-scale malware attacks – all landing directly in the inboxes of your staff.

To stop the onslaught of spam, turn to our filtering solution. We can eliminate operation disruption due to spam, as well as keeping your systems more secure overall.

What do you get with spam filtering?

  • Comprehensive protection of your infrastructure from DDoS attacks
  • Decluttering and intelligent sorting of spam messages from genuine messages
  • Active scanning and quarantining of suspected malicious messages and data

Why spam filtering?

You don’t have time to sort through mountains of useless messages. Automation through a next-gen spam filtering system saves you time while keeping your organization protected.

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    Stay reputable

    With spam filters in place, you can rest easy knowing your clients and contacts won’t receive spam and viruses if your systems are infected.

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    Stay secure

    Spam filters stop phishing attacks, ransomware, viruses, and more from entering your systems. It’s a critical part of a successful cybersecurity posture.

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    Stay focused

    Email inboxes can quickly become a total mess. Our spam filtering service keeps them clear of junk, letting you focus on the mission-critical data.

How does spam filtering work?

Modern spam filters use a variety of technologies to determine which messages are risky. They run the sender’s information against databases of known threats, and they scan attachments for malicious programs. There’s also machine learning at play – among many other new features added regularly.


Stay spam-free

You’ve got mail – and it’s not spam. Use our spam filtering solution to free your organization from receiving suspicious, irrelevant and annoying messages, and keep everyone safer overall.

Contact us today to get started.

As of the most recently reported period, spam messages accounted for 48.16% of email traffic worldwide.

– Statista

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