Tech trends: cloud computing applications

Tech trends: cloud computing applications

Cloud computing is designed to empower companies and developers to tap into the current tech trends. With cutting-edge applications, brands are able to innovate faster - while building substantial business growth and market share. Similarly, these technologies help businesses modify servers while enhancing operating systems to ensure better security and client deliverables.

As a cost-effective solution to traditional on-premise systems, cloud
computing is simply a better way to run any company - in any industry or niche.
With this in mind, here are some of the current trends that can benefit your
new or burgeoning brands.

Are cloud services on the

Absolutely. Cloud computing is rapidly becoming the norm with cloud services and solutions growing. In fact, industry experts predict a growth of 18% in Software as a Service (SaaS) by 2020. Similarly, Platform as a Service (PaaS) adoption and implementation is slated to be the fastest-growing sector in cloud computing platforms by 2020 as well. Here are some crucial aspects to keep in mind:

  • 32% of the cloud computing market has - or is in the process - of adopting PaaS technologies. This is expected to increase to 56% by 2020.
  • Google Apps, Salesforce, and Citrix GoToMeeting currently represent the largest cloud markets. These tools can be intertwined with your managed IT services for faster, cost-affordable and efficient daily business computing and protocols.
  • Both PaaS and SaaS-enabled platforms that allow clients to manage apps easier than building and maintaining infrastructures. These technological-driven and goal-orientated networks also allow for easier app development and launches.
  • Cloud computing provides simplified IT management and maintenance, along with better security, remote access, and easily deployable models.

How can my business benefit
from cloud to cloud connectivity?

Cloud to cloud connectivity offers many advantages for businesses that
don't want to be tied to single cloud providers. In fact, you are able to
connect multiple platforms, applications and data access - management across
these hybrid cloud solutions. Similarly, you are able to sync cross-functional
and multi-disciplinary processes, while integrating desired tools - apps - and
systems into comprehensive and unified platforms. This growing cloud computing
trend is enabling enterprises to:

· Keep their onsite platforms, while connecting to cloud-based
solutions for optimal customization and innovation.

· Build better business processing (data access, data management,
remote access, client communications, in-house and remote security, etc.) via
multiple but integrated cloud-based servers.

· Continue day-to-day business with little to no interruption due to
downtime or IT-based maintenance. Ensure online connectivity even during
inclement weather or other common issues.

· Better network security, data flow, and guaranteed ROI for your cloud integration or complete migration.

What about the costs of
cloud computing and services?

Cloud computing and storage is getting cheaper if you just look at the price. In fact, it's all based on supply and demand across the globe. However, with the high demand for cloud storage and computing services - as part of managed IT solutions, you would think the price would be higher too. That is no longer the case since many cloud providers are gaining significant market share across the board. With this in mind, now is a great time to think about investing in the cloud for business growth expansion - with measurable results.

IT technologies are consistently revolving around the latest industry trends and developments. You need a strategic partner to help usher organizational stability, along with cohesive platforms that build bridges for technological success. Cloud computing is today what wireless technologies were to the market a few years ago. That is, of course, a sound and effective way to manage your brands in any niche you serve. With cloud computing continuing to soar, it is time to propel your business to new heights as well. Contact us if you have any questions.

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