The cost benefits of managed IT services

The cost benefits of managed IT services

Managed IT services simplify your business technology, which leads to countless cost benefits.

It might seem counterintuitive that outsourcing could save money and increase your profits. But even though managed IT services aren’t free, the advantages they bring have a powerful positive impact on your revenue.

When done right, managed IT services pay for themselves, and then some.

Make the most of your IT budget

Consider how many factors are included in your IT budget.

You need to pay for hardware, software, and other networking needs. Every time you need to upgrade your tech, you’ll pay again. Most companies attempt to get by with outdated technology, but this leads to inefficiency, which incurs its own costs. Workarounds to deal with impractical IT systems could be considered a hidden cost incurred by many businesses.

At OutsourceIT, we know it doesn’t have to be expensive to integrate new technology into an existing system. Even replacing significant elements of existing infrastructure can be done affordably. A good managed IT services provider will be able to leverage their buying power to get you the best deals on the latest tech for your needs.

“[MSP] customers are looking for additional benefits like generating revenue and helping the company become more efficient.” – CIO

Using managed IT services means that you’ll also save money on maintenance.

Instead of having to deal with upkeep internally, you’ll be able to rely on your service provider to keep things running smoothly, minimizing downtime and cutting down on IT overtime costs. No one is in a better position to achieve these results than an IT specialist.

And updates, upgrades and maintenance are typically fast and hassle-free with a managed IT services partner. Seasoned professionals can do this stuff in a fraction of the time it would take SMB leaders to do it on their own.

Managed IT services offer you all-inclusive support at an attractive, affordable flat monthly rate. Your company will be able to predict the monthly cost of your services and expand or reduce your network as needed, without having to throw extra money at the IT budget.

From proactive monitoring to intensive security solutions, managed IT services provide everything you need—with no surprise fees.

Why are managed IT services so important?

Managed IT services are becoming increasingly popular among SMB leaders. Perhaps just as important, the larger companies that work with a managed IT services provider see these providers as partners, not replacements, in their internal IT departments.

By working with managed IT services, you can free your existing time to work more strategically. They will have more time to develop processes and software additions that can save your company money, bring in new profits, or address other business goals. By removing the workload of everyday IT operations, your IT staff can develop projects that may have been on the back burner for ages.

“With an MSP . . . you get to bring in the big guns and benefit from the resources and experience of a company focused solely on IT.” – Forbes

When you aren’t worried about outages and security problems, you’re better able to handle business operations and turn higher profits.

By improving how well IT services function, your company will be able to spend less time and less money on its essential technology. Both customers and staff will benefit from the reliability of the system.

Get better tech for less money

Trends in managed IT services point toward continued rapid growth. Companies like OutsourceIT continue to offer solutions for complex technical issues and allow for mobile and remote working.

With managed IT services, it’s easy to implement such things as Cloud strategies, Data backup, and VoIP.

While these impressive systems are ideal for promoting efficient and productive working, they can put a lot on your team. By using managed IT services to create and maintain these technologies, you’ll provide your employees with the framework they need to focus on business and make the most out of their work hours, without overloading your team.

“If you find your business frequently has to lean on IT support, or that you are spending too much time trying to fix technical issues yourself, an MSP may be a good idea.” – Business News Daily

The growth of the managed IT services market is a good sign. Clearly, companies are switching to managed IT services for numerous reasons. You, too, can steer your company into the future where reliance on technology is increasing. At the same time, you’ll be reducing your costs and maximizing profits.

If you’d like to know more about how managed IT services could benefit your business, give us a call today. We are the leading provider of Managed IT Services in Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina. Find out how our experienced team can help. 

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