The secret to staying productive while working at home

The secret to staying productive while working at home

Has your team (or have you) run into an invisible wall of stagnation while working at home? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Thousands of Americans are still adjusting to the rigors of this new work arrangement. But after several months of remote work, many experts are discovering ways to boost productivity in this work setup.

Here are the top tips you should consider to improve your (or your team’s) work from home experience:

Designate your workspace

Studies suggest that designating and committing to a chosen workspace can raise your productivity by up to 32%. It’s not enough to merely plop down onto a spare table and attempt to accomplish your tasks; choosing and optimizing your home workspace will help you get into a mental zone that can facilitate productivity.

Having a designated workspace, such as a garden table or a desk in a spare bedroom, will help your mind gear up for a workday in the same way entering your old office would, which leads to deeper focus. If possible, choose a space that isn’t in your bedroom, as your body associates that place with rest.

Take regular breaks

Even machines need breaks, so needless to say, so do you. Taking regular breaks will help you recover not only physically but also mentally, so you’ll less likely feel that you’re running on fumes. Breaks don’t need to be long so as not to disrupt creative flow or productive momentum. They can be as short and simple as savoring a couple of sips of coffee while watching your cat play.

Don’t underestimate the power of taking a break. Experts believe that taking even short breaks helps the body and mind recover from stress, which will then boost your immune system, decrease the development of fatigue, lower likelihood of cardiovascular distress, and ultimately improve your work performance.

Personalize your surroundings

We can’t always control what happens at work, but we can control where we are when we take on the challenge. Customizing your environment can be fun and a good way to find relaxation in the midst of stress.

Personalizing your workspace can be done simply, such as with a photo of a loved one, a candle, a favorite collectible, or a plant. It will give your desk a feel of normalcy and an escape from stress. It can also help motivate you to achieve your goals. And with a desk plant, it can help purify the air you breathe while giving you a small connection with nature.

Maintain a regular schedule

For many people, keeping a regular schedule while working from home is challenging. This is because many workers are now allowed to remotely time in at any time, as long as they render their required hours or accomplish their tasks. While a flexible work schedule is a boon to many people who are juggling their personal and professional lives, if one isn’t cautious, it can also lead to irregular work hours and inevitably, decreased productivity.

You can solve this by sticking to a routine and maintaining a regular schedule. The human mind works best when it has had the time to “warm up.” Start your day as if you were headed to the office anyway: wake up at the same time, make yourself a hearty breakfast, and enjoy a short walk before settling in for work. This routine will do wonders for your creativity, memory, and productivity.

Stay social

Don’t neglect the social component of the workplace. Having a good rhythm as a team is crucial to overall productivity, but that’s difficult to achieve when everyone’s been apart for so long. This is why you should find time to connect with one another. After all, your accomplishments are just as much a product of their efforts as they are yours, and vice versa.

Lastly, find ways to maintain camaraderie. Even a short video conference to catch up with one another about your personal lives will be enough to remind everyone that there is life outside of work.

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