What Modern Businesses Should Expect from Managed IT

What Modern Businesses Should Expect from Managed IT

The digital revolution has brought many advantages to businesses, but also its fair share of challenges. This is why small and mid-sized businesses are looking for IT solutions that are both affordable and secure, as well as capable of matching their long- and short-term aims in the market. 

Enter managed IT services providers or MSPs. These organizations are popular options for business owners as they seek to strengthen and optimize the digital side of their operations. Here is what you can expect from your MSP.

Reduced downtime

For business owners, system downtime is a nightmare, leading to lost revenue, reduced morale amongst employees, and a range of other negative effects.

A recent study from Rand Group found that the average cost of being down for just one hour is $100,000. This is where an effective MSP comes in, monitoring your systems, reducing downtime, and giving you and your team the peace of mind you need. 

Quick response times

Unfortunately, IT issues can strike at any time, which means businesses need to be able to respond quickly and effectively. This can prove difficult outside of normal business hours, or at times when your teams are already stretched and pressured. Managed service providers eliminate this issue as they are always on hand, and offer quick response times to get everything back on track for you and your team.

Network security improvements

All web users vulnerable to hackers, malware, and other nefarious practices online, but small and medium-sized businesses are, particularly at risk. Typically, their network security protocols are not as robust, like that of a larger corporation, and cyber-criminals recognize this fact.

Using a managed service provider gives your business a reliable defense against data breaches. MSP's are specialists when it comes to digital defense, and will have sophisticated protocols and policies designed to keep their clients secure. An MSP can monitor your network to save you the headache of a malware attack, as well as implementing a disaster recovery plan, should the worst happen.

Maintain software licensing and updating

It's vital to keep on top of all of your software licenses, as letting a license lapse results in unnecessary downtime for your business. This responsibility is one more weight that an MSP can remove from your shoulders. Managed service providers will renew licenses for you, keep software packages updated, and might even be able to secure more advantageous rates for your business going forward.

Regulatory compliance

No matter what industry you are operating in, your systems will need to stay compliant with federal and state government regulations, as well as international regulations and requirements imposed by industry bodies. 

Healthcare, for example, must comply with HIPAA regulations, while those operating in the trucking industry must keep DOT driving records for a minimum of six months while also complying with other FMCSA regulations. Your MSP can put a plan in place to ensure your business stays 100% compliant in every area. What's more, they will be able to help you put processes in place to ensure your business stays compliant in the future.

The bottom line

Managed service providers can benefit your company in many ways. It's not easy for businesses to rehabilitate after a major IT problem, so it pays to prevent such issues from happening. 

Similarly, it is difficult for businesses to stay up to date on licensing, software updates, and other ongoing requirements, so it makes sense to work with an organization that can help you do this.

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