Why should I work with an MSP? Savings. Lots of it.

Why should I work with an MSP? Savings. Lots of it.

More businesses are turning to managed services providers (MSPs) for a host of reasons, the most compelling of which is that managed services are a great way to get high-performance IT services for a fraction of their conventional cost. Cutting unnecessary expenses is something all businesses do, and we have been able to do so for our Washington, D.C. and Charlotte clients without having to sacrifice their productivity and profitability.

How do MSPs save businesses money? Look at it this way: MSPs streamline business costs and focus on the IT aspect of running an enterprise so you don’t have to. And the results are glorious:

Lower capital and overhead costs

In-house IT can get pretty expensive especially once your operations grow big enough to require multiple servers and other hardware. Remember that when you add servers, you’ll likely need more manpower for upkeep and management, not to mention additional auxiliary hardware, software, and power costs.

With managed services, you don’t incur capital costs by acquiring expensive server equipment. You can have financial flexibility by paying for what use from an MSP’s data center resources, without the need to hire additional staff. This is well-suited for difficult economic periods such as the projected recession in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Access to expertise and optimization

One important — and often overlooked — factor that helps small businesses get off the ground is having expert guidance from technology strategists to help put them on a path of growth. Big corporations pay top dollar to recruit or poach executives for their own benefit. For small- to mid-sized enterprises (SMEs), this isn’t possible because resources are allocated toward operations, not executives. Which is why many turn to MSPs.

Working with a managed services partner gives you access to experienced IT consultants who can assist you with a wide range of IT issues. It’s like harvesting a wide variety of fruits without needing to do all the hard stuff like tilling the land and planting the seeds. The MSP does all the dirty work and all you do is collect the benefits — as a service.

Minimized downtime

Many managers find this out the hard way: when a business information system gets bogged down, operations will grind to a halt. So it’s imperative for all companies to mitigate their risk for downtime. For smaller organizations, it often means further stretching an already stretched-thin IT department.

The great thing with most IT MSPs is that they themselves rely on optimal uptime, so they know what they’re doing in terms of ensuring the operational flow is kept at a high level. This is done through a combination of a well-designed network, fast service response times, and proactive IT system that monitors and prevents harmful elements (such as cyberattacks, server outages, and the like) before they even occur or cause even bigger problems.

Increased security

Network security saves you money by preventing loss. It doesn’t make sense to skimp on security because the risk of loss is always greater than the security costs. Nowadays, ransomware attacks are more rampant, and novel ways to exploit vulnerabilities are being launched every minute. So, it’s more important than ever to deploy a security solution that offers 24/7 protection — and that’s not always possible for businesses with limited resources.

Many MSPs offer cybersecurity solutions under their umbrella of services. We at outsourceIT offer network and data protection services that are proactive and offers high value for your investment. We can even ramp it up with our managed intrusion detection and security operations center solutions so you can enjoy top-flight data protection and peace of mind.


Lastly, managed IT services are scalable and are excellent ways to keep your organization flexible. With an MSP, your costs stay predictable whether you scale up or down, as opposed to in-house IT, which requires more hardware, software, and manpower investments as your company grows. And if your business is forced to downscale operations, you’ll have a surplus of equipment costing you money but not earning you any.

Outsource IT offers top of the line IT Services and Solutions in Washington and areas in North Carolina. We make sure that are IT services are specifically tailored to local businesses in our service areas. 

Ready to make the jump to a managed IT partner? We’ll make the transition easy for you. Give us a call and we’ll take you through the process at your pace.


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