Tech trends: cloud computing applications

As a cost-effective solution to traditional on-premise systems, cloud computing is simply a better way to run any company - in any industry or niche. With this in mind, here are some of the current trends that can benefit your new or burgeoning brands.

The Perks of Cloud-Based Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise mobility refers to the trend of using mobile devices and Cloud computing to complete work outside of the office in one’s own time. With more and more employees working out of the office, the need for enterprise mobility is stronger than ever.
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Accomplish your goals with complete IT support

It’s extremely difficult for your team to get their job done when your network is down. Calling for technical support after the problem has already resulted in downtime is inefficient and causes your business to lose valuable work time and revenue earning opportunities.
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The cost benefits of managed IT services

By working with managed IT services, you can free up your time to work more strategically. When you aren’t worried about outages and security problems, you’re better able to handle business operations and turn higher profits. Find out how our experienced team can help.
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How to backup every hard drive in your office with the cloud

Cloud backups are a great way to ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster. Companies can use these tips to find the right service provider.
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What is a disaster recovery plan? (And why you need one.)

Disasters come in all shapes in sizes. Successful businesses have a disaster recovery plan in place to help mitigate the impact of these events. Meanwhile, those companies without one are forced to scramble in the event disaster strikes. Let’s look at what it takes to make sure your company is ready.
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4 reasons why cloud services are so popular for SMBs

Why do so many SMBs prefer cloud-based services? Read our latest blog as we go over the four primary reasons that can make the biggest business impact.
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How does cloud storage work?

The cloud utilizes parallel and redundant machinery as part of its design. Most providers use practices such as maintaining multiple copies of the file. As a result, storing your files on the cloud is a great practice for continuity and data integrity.
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Why managed IT services are a better option for SMBs than hiring more internal staff

When planning the next stage of your company’s growth, IT management may take a prominent role in your business success. Much depends on how you approach your technology management needs. Considering the benefits of managed IT services could mean the difference between failure and success.
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What should be included in your managed IT services agreement

When researching, you should measure what each provider has to offer and determine if they can cover all your business needs before signing anything. A reliable managed IT services provider should be able to make your business IT environment more effective both in cost and function.