How to switch to a new MSP with minimal disruption

How to switch to a new MSP with minimal disruption

With their technical know-how and focus on data protection, managed IT services providers (MSPs) are business partners that help your operations achieve peak efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and security.

However, some MSPs may not be the right fit for your company or maybe you’ve simply outgrown their services. In such cases, you’ll have to switch to a new MSP, but you need a strategic approach to avoid disruptions and data vulnerabilities.

Qualities of a reliable MSP

When searching for a high-quality MSP, consider these key factors to ensure a smooth transition and ongoing service excellence:

  • Industry knowledge – An exceptional MSP should possess in-depth knowledge of your industry. They should understand your specific needs, compliance requirements, and potential challenges, allowing them to provide tailored solutions that align with your company goals.
  • Scalable pricing – A transparent and scalable pricing model can ensure your costs grow in sync with your business. You won’t face unexpected financial hurdles, allowing for better budget planning.
  • Good reviews – Positive customer testimonials are a strong indicator of an MSP’s trustworthiness and competence. They show that the MSP has proven their value in real-world scenarios.
  • Reliable cybersecurity – A dependable MSP should have robust security measures to protect your data and infrastructure, reducing the risks of data breaches and downtime.

How to seamlessly switch to a new MSP

To transition to a new MSP without disrupting your operations, you need to do the following:

Inform your employees

When moving to a new service provider, keeping your employees in the loop can reduce surprises and potential disruptions in the workplace. Be sure to inform them of any new protocols or practices that may take place once the switch is made. This is also a great opportunity to explain the reason behind the decision and any potential benefits of the new MSP, bolstering employee buy-in.

Ensure administrative access to all accounts

Make sure you have all the necessary login information and administrative access to your accounts before making the switch to a new MSP. Without these credentials, you risk being locked out of critical systems, which can completely halt your operations.

Furthermore, beware of low-quality MSPs that may deliberately withhold this access, creating a dependency on their services. This tactic not only hinders your ability to change providers, but can also be financially detrimental. By securing your administrative privileges in advance, you can maintain control and flexibility over your systems and data, ensuring a seamless handover of services.

Perform a thorough security check

Performing a comprehensive security assessment of your business can help identify and close any potential “back doors” that former IT experts can exploit to gain unauthorized access. In fact, research shows that 75% of insider threats involve ex-workers who destroy or access company data after their departure.

By scrutinizing your network, systems, and applications, you can ensure that all access points are secure. This could include verifying that employee accounts are properly managed and that no lingering permissions remain from the previous MSP.

Neglecting this step could leave your sensitive company information at risk, potentially leading to data breaches that result in severe financial and reputational consequences.

Implement training sessions

Finally, train your staff so they get used to any new programs or cybersecurity practices under the new MSP. Learning how to navigate the tools and systems provided ensures that your team operates efficiently from day one, reducing any productivity lags or potential errors.

Moreover, these training sessions can reinforce security best practices. With the rise of online threats and cybercrime, employees must be well-versed in identifying and responding to common security risks. Adequate training not only strengthens your company’s defenses but also promotes a culture of security awareness, where everyone plays an active role in securing sensitive data.

Finding the right MSP can be crucial for your business’s success. Take the time to assess your needs and consider contacting our team at outsourceIT. By booking a free consultation today, our specialists can help guide you toward MSP solutions best fit to your unique goals and business needs.

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