Make business easier and better with Technology-as-a-Service

Make business easier and better with Technology-as-a-Service

The top businesses in the world didn’t attain success by their service offerings alone; they got to the top because they encourage innovation, maximize technologies, and spend resources efficiently. This requires sufficient investment in the right technology tools, which many smaller businesses may not be able to afford.

So what can your enterprise do? You can partner with a managed IT services provider (MSP) that offers Technology-as-a-Service (TaaS) to help you optimize your workflows and arm you with the right tools.

What is Technology-as-a-Service?

TaaS is an operational model that bundles together hardware, software, and services into a powerful and comprehensive business IT solution offered at a single subscription price. It is a scalable solution ideal for enterprises still building their footholds in their respective industries.

The opportunities of TaaS are virtually limitless and allow you to choose which solutions you want. From affordable data storage to micro services to containerization, you can have all the tools you need to make your business more profitable.

At outsourceIT, we can customize a TaaS solution that caters to your specific needs. We’ll help you choose an optimal mix of hardware and software solutions that will help you optimize operations, eliminate barriers, and gain competitive advantage.

Will it make business easier?

TaaS is technology on demand: you get what you need when you need it. Not only will it help your business spend resources efficiently, but you can also use it to prepare your company for the future. Augmenting your existing infrastructure with TaaS will not only improve your internal workflows but it will also set your company up to take advantage of rapid developments in commerce.

For instance, you can choose an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution so you can keep track of how each internal transaction affects all your business components individually. Deploying TaaS as the backbone of your system will also make the delivery of future tech developments even simpler and faster, as your system will already have cloud-based integrations that can be used to automate updates and software upgrades.

Will it bring in more profits?

Being able to market your products and services well could mean huge profits because good marketability exposes your products and services to as wide a potential customer base as possible, and that translates to profits. Marketability is also a matter of timing. So make sure your business can take advantage of that timing by having efficient systems in place. A powerful TaaS solution harmoniously interconnects various hardware and software components together into a system.

Marketability is a matter of timing

With TaaS, you’ll gain better control over all your business components — from inventories to supply chain to distribution to research and development to human resources. And because it is a cheaper solution than in-house technology resources, your revenue profile instantly improves.

Control brings in more profit. Good control of business components means you have a more intimate grasp of the best pricing for your offerings, errors are less likely to leave any lasting effects, and risk of loss or damage is mitigated or eliminated. With TaaS, you can position your business to maximize earning capacity while minimizing risk.

Will it help me save money?

For most small- and mid-sized businesses (SMBs), having several business solutions can be hard to justify especially because of the high capital costs of acquiring new servers, extra computers, and software. That’s not even taking into account recurring costs on utilities, maintenance, and manpower.

With TaaS, you get a full suite of services for a fraction of the cost of an in-house technology system. You also won’t need to spend on upgrades, as most TaaS providers offer software that can be run on your existing hardware. You won’t need to spend on round-the-clock management and upkeep of servers either.

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Is it difficult to deploy?

TaaS solutions will require a coordinated effort between provider and client, but because TaaS providers spend time strategizing deployment, it can be done with zero to minimal disruptions to your operations.

After a deployment strategy, the only step you need to take is to decide what hardware you need to acquire. Deploying the software will be easy to accomplish since our TaaS platform is cloud-based. All you need is a good internet connection. You can even configure your TaaS setup to accommodate any work from home arrangements.

Make your technology work for you, not the other way around. We’ll help you maximize your existing system’s potential and give you advice on how to take operational efficiency to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about TaaS and our other solutions.


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