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Cloud services have quickly evolved into a mainstream technology service. Technically, cloud services are not a new technology at all; in fact it’s been around for years, dating as far back as the mainframe computing age. Today cloud computing is faster, more reliable, more secure, and more affordable than ever before. outsourceIT can help your business build, implement, and manage your cloud services network with our extensive experience building and managing private clouds and public cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

outsourceIT Cloud Services at a Glance

Hosted Desktop – Desktop as a Service
  • complete cloud based network infrastructure
  • access your data and corporate desktop from any internet connection and any device
  • secure and scalable
  • cloud based backups and redundant data centers
Hosted Applications
  • hosted Exchange and spam protection
  • hosted Sharepoint
  • hosted SQL and other databases
  • hosted Line of Business applications
  • hosted PBX systems and VoIP solutions
  • hosted document management systems
Cloud Based Servers – Dedicated or Shared
  • application servers
  • Microsoft domain controllers
  • database servers
  • file servers
  • redundant failover servers
  • testing environment servers
Data Backup and Recovery
  • off-site cloud based backup services
  • redundant backup locations available
  • local recovery options available
  • fully secured backup environment
  • monthly, quarterly and annual recovery testing available
  • hot, warm and cold recovery points available

Cloud Services Highlights

  • hassle free computing
  • secure and scalable
  • fixed monthly pricing
  • experienced cloud computing specialists 24/7
  • Move some or all of your technology to the cloud

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