The advantages of managed security services over in-house security

The advantages of managed security services over in-house security

“Data drives business.” That is the mantra of companies of all sizes, especially the most successful ones in the history of American business. We at outsourceIT have proven time and again that companies across the Eastern United States — from Maryland to North Carolina — are put in the best position to succeed when they cover all their bases, especially with regards to data security.

Many corporations spend thousands of dollars to ensure that their business data is secure — even Microsoft spends a ton of money making sure its systems are protected, allocating over $1 billion to cybersecurity per year. As long as you’re dealing with intellectual property, sensitive client data, healthcare information, or simply meeting data management regulations, investing in data protection is a must.

But not everyone has extra resources to expend on mitigating cyberthreats every year. With limited resources come limited protection, especially if you rely solely on in-house cybersecurity. That leaves the option of outsourcing available. But is outsourced security for small- to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) better than in-house?

The short answer is yes. Thankfully, managed cybersecurity has become more accessible than ever and offers a greater scope of protection compared to in-house security particularly in the following aspects:


The biggest advantage is cost. Managed security services (MSS) are usually offered on a subscription-style payment model, so your costs stay uniform month in and month out. And because most MSS providers also have other managed IT services, you can bundle your security solutions with other services such as cloud computing and backup.

What’s great about subscription-style service is that you can simply cancel it anytime. You won’t be stuck with a long-term contract that eats into your budget, freeing up more of your resources so you can set your sights on growth.

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Managed security providers are composed of IT security experts, many of whom are specialists with valuable insight on the cybersecurity landscape from different perspectives. Most SMBs aren’t staffed with cybersecurity specialists, so partnering with an outsourced counsel of experts helps put them ahead of the threats that they may encounter.

Notably, many MSS providers employ professionals whose expertise encompasses global cybersecurity, which is why they’re able to anticipate threats and create effective, up-to-date solutions. Enlisting the services of a reputable cybersecurity specialist ensures that you get to focus on your own expertise.

Development and coverage

Cyberthreats develop at an incredibly fast pace, with over 130 unique attack samples arising every day. So there is virtually no rest for IT experts to protect your data and perform daily support tasks.

MSS experts are well-equipped to keep up with evolving threats, address attacks as they arise, and help your business recover in case of a breach. Furthermore, you’ll get proactive coverage 24 hours a day, at a fraction of the cost of paying an in-house cybersecurity team.

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Overall value

Pound for pound, managed services provide better bang for the buck than in-house IT security teams for SMBs. For a fixed monthly price, you get robust cybersecurity services, continuous coverage, IT security best practices, and a threat neutralization infrastructure that costs a lot of money to deploy on your own. You’ll also enjoy reduced risk for underutilization, virtually no maintenance costs, minimal training expenses, and more financial freedom.

Partnering with an MSS provider allows you to streamline your expenditure while leveraging technology that protects your business from malicious activities and improves internal workflows. Chat with your security partner to learn about what else they can do to improve your business. You might be surprised to discover how they can put you on the path of growth.

We have been providing SMBs across the Eastern United States with top-of-the-line managed intrusion detection, security center operations, network encryption, and data protection services since 2004. Call us today to learn more.


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