The cloud: Your secret weapon for productivity

The cloud: Your secret weapon for productivity

Cloud computing sets companies up for long-term growth, thanks to its various capabilities. With the right cloud solutions, companies can enhance collaboration, secure their data, and maintain consistently high levels of productivity. Below are just some of the ways the cloud can greatly increase your company’s productivity and output.

The key to collaboration and teamwork

The cloud gives users access to shared documents and resources from anywhere with an internet connection, enabling distributed teams to work seamlessly. Colleagues can co-edit documents in real time, communicate through integrated messaging platforms, and access important data on demand. Platforms such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace even save all the changes made by collaborators, allowing you to see everyone’s contributions and restore older versions if necessary.

This level of connectivity not only streamlines workflows but also leads to greater employee engagement, as team members are able to actively participate in projects regardless of their location. Such inclusivity fosters a sense of belonging and leads to increased employee satisfaction, helping boost your team’s productivity in the long-term.

Supports working from home or on the go

With work from home arrangements becoming the new norm, the cloud is essential for supporting those who choose to work remotely. Cloud-based solutions allow them to access work-related data and applications from virtually anywhere, making it possible to maintain productivity outside of the traditional office environment. In fact, increased agility ranks among the top four benefits of cloud deployment for businesses, according to Fortinet’s 2023 Cloud Security Report.

This ability to facilitate a more flexible workplace not only enhances work-life balance but also leads to increased job satisfaction and retention. Additionally, the cloud’s ability to enable remote work allows companies to tap into a global workforce, accessing the best talent regardless of their geographic location.

Relieves strain on your local systems

Local IT infrastructures can often be overwhelmed by the increasing demands of data storage, processing, and software updates. Cloud-based solutions, however, provide a way to offload some of these resource-intensive tasks to remote servers. Instead of constantly paying for expensive on-site hardware upgrades and maintenance, businesses can instead rely on cloud service providers to handle these responsibilities, helping them allocate their resources more efficiently.

Cloud solutions also often come with built-in redundancy and failover mechanisms, which enhance system reliability. This means that data is less likely to be lost due to hardware failures, and services can remain available even in the event of technical issues. Moreover, the cloud can easily accommodate fluctuations in demand, whether it’s due to seasonal changes, business growth, or unexpected surges in usage. Companies can quickly adjust their cloud services to match their current needs, so they avoid the complexities of scaling up on-site IT systems.

Increased protection from cyberthreats

Finally, the cloud can be a powerful ally against cybercrime. According to Fortinet, 42% of organizations have identified decreased risk and improved security as an outcome of migrating to the cloud.

Cloud service providers often heavily invest in top-grade security tools and technologies while employing dedicated teams of experts to monitor and protect their systems against current and emerging cyberthreats. Their approaches commonly include automatic software updates and patch management; data encryption; and identity and access management. With more fully managed cybersecurity, organizations can shift their focus to critical tasks without constantly worrying about security breaches.

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