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HaaS is a new term for an old concept. HaaS is a new managed service offering for IT related equipment, very similar to your cell phone service. Your cell phone service includes a phone with your monthly service plan, and HaaS includes your IT equipment with your IT maintenance and support contract. By combing My IT Department + HaaS your business will see your IT efficiencies improve, your overall IT cost go down and enjoy the benefits of faster and more secure computing.

Q&A’s about MyIT Department + HaaS

It includes all new Desktops and Laptops, Cloud based and on-premise based Servers, Switches, Routers, WiFi Access Points, Cloud based backup service, full managed service with our complete My IT Department product and more.
Any equipment less than 2 years old can be purchased back at a fair market value.
No that’s one of the great benefits of HaaS no out of pocket up-front capital is needed to move to a HaaS model with all brand new equipment.
outsourceIT installs all of the new equipment as part of the HaaS product as well as migrates all data and applications to the new equipment with no up-front expenses.
Equipment replacement is on a schedule and can be set for replacement either every 36 or 48 months.
HaaS is scalable and adaptable, it is designed to adapt with your business needs.
Out dated IT equipment increases IT cost, opens more risk to security breaches and lost data, and lowers productivity. With HaaS IT equipment will 3be replaced before these problems arise and will drive down your overall managed services cost as the cost to deliver managed services will be reduced when removing out dated and aging equipment.

My IT Department + HaaS Highlights

  • One vendor, one monthly invoice for all of your IT needs
  • IT Standardization will drive greater IT efficiencies, more productive employees and higher profits
  • Lower IT cost by less IT issues and less managed services fees
  • True worry-free computing with true business grade IT equipment and around the clock IT support and management
  • Includes all of your business IT needs, PCs, Laptops, Cloud Applications, Cloud Servers, On-premise Servers, Switches, Routers, WiFi access points, and our full My IT Department product

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