5 Signs your current managed IT services provider is no longer good for you

5 Signs your current managed IT services provider is no longer good for you

Managed IT services providers (MSPs) deliver an array of IT solutions to businesses of all types and sizes. They are an ideal partner for companies looking to improve their services without having to worry about system failures, downtimes, and outages, as well as those wanting to accelerate business growth using technology.

However, it's not uncommon for companies to realize that their MSP is no longer the right partner for them. Whether it’s because the MSP lacks the resources and skills to support the business’s growth or the former’s solutions no longer bring value to the latter, there are many reasons for companies to want to change providers.

Here are five signs that your business needs a new MSP.

1. Your issues are not being addressed promptly

If your MSP could once address your service tickets within mere minutes but now takes days to get back to you, then there might be a problem. It’s also a cause for concern if you are constantly being put on hold or passed around to different people or departments when you contact their service desk, leaving you with unresolved issues.

An increasing number of outstanding service tickets also indicates a problem — if anything, this number should decrease over time as your MSP gets to understand your business better. This could be a sign that your MSP’s resources are spread too thin and they are struggling to handle your company’s IT needs.

2. Your MSP is reactive, not proactive

Do you see your MSP as a partner in achieving your business goals or simply as a group of people to call when your IT breaks down? If your answer is the latter, then it’s time to look for a more proactive provider.

It’s not enough that your MSP is able to resolve IT issues as they arise. The best MSPs will prevent these problems from occurring in the first place. They will assess your infrastructure and identify vulnerabilities and areas of improvement long before these can affect your systems and users. A proactive MSP will not only prevent technical issues from escalating, but they will also help you continuously find new opportunities to improve, optimize, and innovate your IT environment.

3. Your MSP is failing to meet contractual obligations

If you feel like there are a handful of areas where your MSP has not delivered, then you may want to review your contract or service level agreement with them. It’s common for providers to guarantee big things upfront to secure your business. If you find that they are not fulfilling all of their obligations even after you've brought up the issue with them, then it may be time to look for a new partner.

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4. Your MSP has too many partner vendors

IT environments tend to become more complex as you adopt new tools and capabilities. The problem with juggling various tech solutions is that when something goes wrong, finding the culprit can be trickier for your MSP if they have many vendors.

However, it can also be a problem if your MSP offers a wide range of solutions yet from only a single vendor. This results in vendor lock-in, which essentially limits flexibility and can prevent your business from taking advantage of the latest technologies.

5. You’re paying a premium for subpar service

You should get what you pay for. And when you’re paying a premium for IT services, it’s important that you receive quality products and top-notch support. If your MSP is delivering subpar service and you can no longer justify the amount you’re paying them, then it’s definitely time to let them go. Ultimately, your MSP should add value to your business, not take it away.

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