How reliable is outsourced IT security?

How reliable is outsourced IT security?

One of the most common misconceptions around cybersecurity is that it’s largely a concern of larger companies, and that smaller businesses are less likely to be a target. The truth paints a very different picture. In fact, smaller organizations are more likely to be on attackers’ radar simply because they’re viewed as easier targets. That’s why you need the same level of IT security enjoyed by large enterprises, which is where managed security services come in.

How do managed security services work?

The managed security services market is booming, with one research firm anticipating a global value of $41 billion. Managed security services providers (MSSPs) typically offer a wide range of products and services to businesses on a subscription basis, which eliminates high capital expenses associated with buying hardware and having to hire the expertise needed to manage everything in-house.

Common services provided include auditing, data protection, backup and disaster recovery, and strategic consultation sessions tailored to the unique needs and challenges of a business. However, as with any industry, there are both good and bad performers. Companies need to think carefully about who they choose to partner with to ensure they’re getting value for money and, above all, the dependability they need to ensure their assets are safe.

The importance of industry-specific expertise

Good MSSPs are those with the industry-specific knowledge that’s relevant to your company. For example, a healthcare provider should never consider outsourcing their cybersecurity to a company that has never worked with the healthcare sector.

Reliable MSSPs aren’t run by salespeople – they’re dependable business partners who will be willing to tailor their strategies to the needs of your company.

Maximized service availability and uptime

One of the main reasons for outsourcing cybersecurity is to enjoy 24/7/365 protection. After all, cybercriminals don’t exactly stick to conventional office hours. It’s imperative that your IT security services run around the clock with minimal unscheduled downtime.

Dependable MSSPs offer complete transparency by keeping you in the loop about all potential risks and threats, while proactively managing your infrastructure on your behalf.

Proactive protection for your data

In the old days, businesses typically tackled the needs of cybersecurity reactively. Company rules and standards often wouldn’t kick in until a system had already been compromised. You always need something to fall back on, but it’s far better to take a proactive approach to stop threats from reaching your network in the first place.

A good outsourced IT security service is far more proactive, simply because it lives outside your company. It provides an external look at your security and stops threats from ever getting near your assets.

Reduced costs doesn’t have to mean less security

Another common misconception about strong cybersecurity hygiene is that it’s too expensive for small businesses. That might be true if you want to do everything in-house and hire your own full-time experts.

Outsourcing provides a far more affordable solution that scales with your business needs. A reliable partner will grow with your business, and they will be in a far better position to safeguard your digital assets. After all, cybersecurity is their core value proposition, and chances are they have the technical and human resources available to do a far better job than is possible for most companies to achieve alone.

Everything starts with an excellent SLA

The service level agreement (SLA) is the most important document you’ll ever sign when you partner with an MSSP. This contract should clearly stipulate the scope of the service, including things like minimum service availability and maximum response times to requests for customer support. The best MSSPs invest enormous amounts of time into crafting compelling and bullet-proof SLAs, and you should always take the time to thoroughly review them before committing yourself.

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