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What are the benefits of AI to eCommerce businesses?

eCommerce sales in the United States are projected to surpass $740 billion by 2023. To keep pace with the increase in digital sales over the next year, more and more e-tailers are investing in technologies that will help them streamline processes and serve customers better. One of these technologies is artificial intelligence (AI), which brings […]

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Here’s how to speed up Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser in the world with over three billion users and more than 63% share of the market. Its speed is one of its most notable advantages over other browsers, which is why it’s preferred by most users. But even the fastest browser can have issues from time to […]

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Defining web hosting

Are you looking to create a website for your business? Aside from the design and functionality of your website, make sure to also look into your web host’s offerings. To get you started, here is a quick explanation of web hosts and which hosting type is best for your business. What is a web host? […]

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Cloud compliance: What your SMB needs to know

The cloud is an effective and cost-efficient tool that makes it easy for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to manage workloads, obtain valuable insights from massive amounts of data, and gain a competitive advantage. The pandemic has given rise to widespread cloud adoption, but some SMBs were so keen on quickly resuming operations that they […]

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Public, private, hybrid: Which cloud solution is best for your business?

Selecting the right cloud solution for your small- or mid-sized business (SMB) is crucial to ensuring you have the right level of support and security to meet your needs. From the affordable, shared environment of a public cloud, to the dedicated resources of a private cloud, to the customizable infrastructure of a hybrid solution, there […]

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Cloud security vs. traditional IT security: How do they differ?

The cloud is now at the forefront of business computing, eclipsing traditional on-premises infrastructures as a reliable, scalable, and cost-effective IT solution. But because some organizations focus too much on leveraging cloud technologies to quickly boost operations, they tend to overlook the inherent risks associated with moving to the cloud.

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5 Simple tips for a successful web conversion

Grabbing people’s attention and converting them to prospective customers is the hallmark of a great professional website. To achieve this goal, you need to create a professional-looking and user-friendly site that encourages visitors to sign up for eBooks, consultations, and other services. Be sure your website follows these five rules that make it easier to […]

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Why cloud computing is highly recommended for SMBs

Cloud computing refers to networks, servers, storage systems, databases, and other computing resources delivered via the internet. The cloud has become inescapable in people’s day-to-day activities — whether it’s doing online banking, emailing a colleague, or watching a movie via a streaming service, there’s cloud technology involved.

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How much internet bandwidth do remote workers need?

While working from home, you need to have the right amount of resources and support to be productive. You need a functioning computer and sufficient internet bandwidth. But chances are, you’re not aware of the minimum internet bandwidth requirements needed to be fully productive while working away from the office. Read on to learn if […]

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