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The SOC technology stack: SIEM, threat intelligence, and more

In the face of increasing cyberthreats, organizations need to take proactive measures to secure their valuable assets and data. One crucial aspect of this effort is implementing a security operations center (SOC). But what does it take to set up and maintain an effective SOC? At the heart of every successful SOC are the technologies […]

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8 Reasons you need a security operations center

Now, more than ever, data security is paramount to the success of any organization. In a rapidly evolving digital landscape fraught with cyberthreats, it is crucial for small businesses like yours to prioritize protecting critical assets. One powerful solution that can help you effectively mitigate risks and safeguard your data and operations is a security […]

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A small-business guide to security operations centers

Small businesses like yours face a daunting task when it comes to cybersecurity. You have to strike a balance between protecting your data and operations and staying within budget. Luckily, there’s a solution in the form of a security operations center (SOC). With a SOC, your small business can deploy an effective defense against cyberthreats […]

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How to enhance your company’s BYOD security

Bring your own device (BYOD) is a trend that has grown in popularity because of the convenience it offers employees, but it also presents a serious security risk. If an employee’s personal device is not appropriately secured, it can become a potential entry point for attackers to gain access to sensitive corporate information.

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VoIP security checklist: Best practices for protecting your VoIP network

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is quickly becoming the standard for businesses looking to cut costs and improve communication. However, with an increased reliance on digital networks comes a heightened risk of security breaches and data loss. To protect your business’s VoIP network from such threats, it’s essential to take proactive steps to secure your […]

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Does password autofill make hacking easier?

Password autofill is undeniably convenient, but do you know the dangers of using this common browser feature? Here’s what you should be aware of when using it and how to secure yourself from potential cyberattacks through this feature. The risks of password autofill Password autofill is a convenient feature found in most browsers and password […]

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Cutting-edge strategies for cybersecurity success

Although cyberattacks on businesses have become increasingly prevalent in recent years, many small-business owners assume that their business is immune to such attacks. This belief often stems from the notion that cybercriminals target larger companies.

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Biometric authentication: The benefits and drawbacks

With the rise of online banking, digital payments, and eCommerce, the risk of identity theft and other cyber-related crimes has grown significantly. To address this, businesses and individuals alike are increasingly turning to biometric authentication for more robust security.

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The five types of hackers targeting SMBs

Small- or medium-sized business (SMB) owners may think they’re unimportant enough to be targeted by hackers. But the truth is that SMBs are prime targets for hackers since they see these organizations — which have less security and fewer resources compared to enterprises — as easy marks.

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