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Avoid phishing by picking up these habits

Phishing is a type of cybercrime in which attackers — called phishers — contact their targets by email, phone call, or SMS to lure them into providing sensitive information. Phishers usually pose as representatives of a legitimate organization — such as a bank or medical provider — to try to lull victims into a false […]

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Cybersecurity tips for social media users

Most businesses nowadays lean heavily on their social media presence to augment their marketing and advertising efforts. But social media is not without its dangers. Internet crime is on the rise, and cyberattackers are finding novel ways to exploit the growing online footprint of many companies.

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Use these tips to stay safe on Facebook and Twitter

Never let your guard down when you’re on social media! Malicious hackers are becoming better at stealing your personal information, so keep these reminders and tips in mind to remain safe while you’re on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Lock screens exist for a reason Always lock all your devices as soon as you stop […]

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The biggest ransomware attacks of 2020 and what we can learn from them

Ransomware is still a surging threat to businesses of all sizes — not even small enterprises are immune from the risk. However, by studying ransomware attacks on other organizations, you can develop good internet hygiene habits and robust data policies that effectively protect your business from ransomware operations.

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5 Security issues to look out for

Cybersecurity is a constant battle, but there are significant steps you can take to keep your IT defenses strong and effective, one of which is to increase your knowledge of security threats. Here are five common ways your business systems can be infiltrated. 1. You are tricked into installing malicious software There are countless ways […]

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What every SMB needs to know about intrusion detection systems

Many small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) don’t feel that they need intrusion detection systems. That is, until they experience a cyberattack and by then it’s too late. As with any cybersecurity feature, being proactive with deployment and configuration is key to its success.

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Struck by ransomware? Try out these decryptors to recover your data

There are several ransomware decryptors now, thanks to communities of white hat hackers concerned about increasing ransomware attacks worldwide. While some of these decryptors do come with a price, the rest are free or can be availed for a minimum donation. The state of ransomware in 2021 so far Businesses need to deal with ransomware […]

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Bad password habits you should avoid

We regularly remind our Washington, DC and Charlotte clients that while we provide top-notch information security services, their participation and commitment are vital to thwarting cyberthreats. Cybersecurity is a team effort, and no matter how good an IT services provider may be, they will fail to protect business data if the client doesn’t take their […]

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Boost your cybersecurity with security audits

Are your organization’s cyber defenses enough to protect it from a cyberattack? Unfortunately, just incorporating the latest antimalware software or firewall to your system won’t guarantee your company’s safety. Conducting a security audit will give you a complete picture of your company’s data integrity, giving you a greater chance of successfully meeting your cybersecurity goals. […]

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