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8 Simple tips for setting hard-to-guess passwords

The core building block of a robust cybersecurity framework is ensuring that you have a secure password. However, this remains a major stumbling block for many businesses, with recent reports finding that the most common passwords used are “123456” and “password”. Fortunately, we at outsourceIT are here to advise you on how you can make […]

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The 5 main types of network security (and how your MSP executes them)

The rising threat of cybercrime, whose resultant costs had risen to $2.1 trillion in 2019, have made network security more vital than ever for organizations to invest in. Regardless of the nature or scale of your organization, a cyberattack can severely compromise its operations and can result in irreversible harm to it.

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Is your business continuity plan adequate for your needs?

Businesses face the threat of data loss from a host of factors, including system outages, data breaches, natural calamities, and ransomware. It can be severely debilitating, resulting in unwanted downtime that leads to financial losses and damage to business reputation.

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How vendor management can benefit your company and bottom line

Any business that procures components or resources from third-party vendors as part of their operating process must also deal with the complexity of managing relationships and agreements with these vendors. When procurement from vendors is a large enough part of your business or occurs at high enough frequency, the number of vendors, terms, and agreements […]

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