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How a cloud-based OMS can help eCommerce businesses

Cloud-based order management systems (OMS) have plenty of useful features that can help any eCommerce business boost their sales. But this is just one of the many advantages these tools offer. Read on to learn more about the business benefits of deploying an OMS. First off, we need to clarify that an inventory management system […]

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Best practices to avoid email phishing

Email phishing continues to be a threat despite the fact that more people than ever are aware of it. This is because cybercriminals have gotten creative with it, using sophisticated social engineering techniques to dupe people into giving up their personal information.

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Defend your business from these 5 types of hackers

“Know thine enemy” — it means to get to know them and their motives. In this blog, we take a close look at the five types of dangerous hackers, what their motives are, and how they operate. Script kiddies In terms of skill, script kiddies (or skids, for short) are at the bottom of the […]

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5 Signs of ransomware you should look out for

Ransomware is a big threat to modern organizations of any size. Unfortunately, small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) may not have enough financial resources to fully protect themselves from attack. But this doesn’t mean that SMBs cannot do anything to secure their networks.

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How to choose the right business projector

If your last business presentation looked dull on screen, or your existing projector is still the bulky, heavy kind, it may be time to upgrade your projector. However, identifying the best one from a plethora of choices can be challenging if you don’t know what to look for. Here’s a quick business projector purchasing guide […]

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Critical data protection practices all workforces should adopt

Businesses these days ought to adopt a heightened security posture because data thieves tend to come in all shapes and sizes. There no longer exists a successful one-size-fits-all data protection plan because the threats are always evolving. Worse, most data breaches these days aren’t of the brute force blitzkrieg nature anymore — attackers now bide […]

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Level up your Excel skills with these tips

Microsoft Excel’s new features now make it easier than ever to process data and present information visually. Level up your spreadsheets with the tips below: Take advantage of Ideas in Excel If you’re not sure which type of chart best tells a particular story out of a table of data, don’t worry — Excel’s artificial […]

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Make your video meetings better with these tips

Video meetings are the norm these days, and video conferencing apps are more feature-packed than before. Couple that with the fast internet we have these days and you’ve got a reliable communications method that helps multi-office companies save money on travel costs.

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How to make your WordPress website load faster

Whether it’s food delivery or your daily commute, speed matters. And when it comes to website load time, this principle couldn’t be more true. Today, people expect a site to load in one to three seconds — so how does your WordPress site measure up? If you’re looking to increase your site’s speed, here are […]

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